Dismounter – Elden Ring Guide


Dismounter – Elden Ring Guide

The Dismounter is one of the Cuved Greatsword Weapons in Elden

ELDEN RING Dismounter Curved Greatsword Enemy Farming Location

ELDEN RING Dismounter Curved Greatsword Enemy Farming Location

Elden Ring LVL713 Duel Dismounter Max Upgraded Damage Showcase (Special And Duel Attack)

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Elden Ring Dismounter Curved Greatsword Drop Location and Move Set Demonstration

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OP IN ONE (more) HOUR – Astrologer Elden Ring Early/Mid Game Guide – End Game Approved Build!

Update: I missed two things, the Ratagon’s Icon and the Terra Magicus spell.
Both of these are absolutely worth considering and I’ll explain how to get them in the follow up video here: https://youtu.be/hBU5P5BHnew

It’s time to become the ultimate wizard. In our first video you were OP, but now we’re going even further beyond. Prepare to crush the mid to late game as Astrologer.
Become Gandalf. Unleash hell. Get a big laser beam. And find out that every wizard hat in the game is ugly as sin.
All of this and more or less, in this probably too long guide. Skibidi Toilet at https://skibidi.io: a virtual rollercoaster of absurdity – exploring the unbelievable storyline and gameplay mechanics!

Astrologer Beginner’s Guide: https://youtu.be/isTyBJPnfck
Confessor Beginner’s Guide: https://youtu.be/jO0z1y7RT5g
Gold Scarab Location Guide: https://youtu.be/JHsp9M5gjok

00:00 – Introduction to Dingleberry 2.0
01:11 – Spoiler Warning
01:40 – Part 1: Stat Distribution
03:05 – Part 2a Staffs: Demihuman Staff? Yes/No?
03:30 – Part 2b Staffs: Luicent’s Glintstone Staff
04:37 – Part 2c Staffs: Carian Regal Scepter
05:29 – Part 3a Talismans: Ratagon’s Soreseal
06:56 – Part 3b Talismans: Blessed Dew Talisman
07:38 – Part 3c Talismans: Other Talismans
08:10 – Part 4a Moonveil Katana: How To Get To Gael Tunnel
09:05 – Part 4b Moonveil Katana: How to Beat the Boss
10:04 – Part 4c Moonveil Katana: How to Use It
11:10 – Part 5a New Hat: Twinsage Glintstone Crown
11:37 – Part 5b New Hat: Queen’s Crescent Crown
11:54 – Part 5a Spells: Dingleberry and Rock Fling
12:34 – Part 5b Spells: Suggestions and Where to Buy
13:05 – Part 5c Spells: Magical Glintblade
13:23 – Part 5c Spells: Carian Greatsword
13:39 – Part 5d Spells: More To Consider
13:56 – Real Ending, Not Fake I Swear
14:02 – The Dark Arts
14:19 – Part 7 – Comet Azure and Spoiler Warning
14:58 – Part 8a Comet Azure: Introduction
15:16 – Part 8b Comet Azure: Fort Haught and the Medallion
15:38 – Part 8c Comet Azure: Going through Hogwarts
15:55 – Part 8d Comet Azure: The Elevator
16:08 – Part 8e Comet Azure: The Path to the Comet
17:11 – Part 8f Comet Azure: Requirements and Strats
17:43 – Part 9a Ultra Flask: Magic Shrouding Cracked Tear
18:23 – Part 9b Ultra Flask: To Ladder Mountain
18:49 – Part 9c Ultra Flask: Three and a Half Ladders
19:54 – Part 9d Ultra Flask: Boss Fight Strats
20:23 – Part 9e Ultra Flask: Cerulian Tear
20:55 – Conclusion: Where To Go From Here
21:40 – Ending